Roc Oil 68 offers the following features….Compatible with other lubricants.Suitable for all types of refrigerants.

Increases capacity and reduces energy.

Will not collect in evaporators or condensors.

Will not absorb moisture (non-Hygroscopic).

Extends operating range from -68oC to +315oC.

Will not effect paint work or personnel and is environmentally friendly.


Extended RangeThe mixture activates the a-olefin molecules in a liquid form as it moves through the system with the refrigerant and extends the operating range from -68oC to +315oC. 


Improved LubricationThis protective layer has two main benefits. Firstly it displaces any oil which has built up on the heat exchange surfaces in a retrofit situation and also prevents oil from collecting in a new system. Secondly it increases the ability of the oil to lubricate the moving parts of the compressor and system components. The activated a-olefin layer on all metal surfaces improves the seal between the moving parts of the compressor reducing wear on the bearings, generating less heat, minimising “blow by”, extending the equipment life and increasing efficiency. By improving the heat transfer the compressor will be operating with improved suction pressures and lower discharge pressures. This will result in an increased capacity, shorter run time for the same load and reduced energy usage.